Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy, Lazy Us

We leave for vacation in...5 days. And so far the extent of our preparations has been some disorganized attempts at making packing lists (I think there are at least 2 or 3 different lists floating around--why consolidate when we can have MORE CHAOS?) Oh, and did I mention that before leaving for vacation, we'll be hosting guests overnight? I think standard etiquette dictates that we have some clean sheets and towels for them. And maybe we might want to take some clean clothes on our trip. And perhaps in light of the guests (including their 16-month-old menaces) coming, and us leaving the cats while we're gone, we might want to think about trying to make sure the house isn't a complete and total disaster. Those dishes overflowing the kitchen sink? We might need to wash those. And given our failed attempt at camping this weekend, perhaps we should put all the camping stuff away instead of leaving it in the middle of the kitchen floor? But wait, there's still camping stuff in the car that needs to come inside and also get put away, not just dumped in the entry way.

Pretty much, we're in no way prepared to head for the beach for a week, but yet this vacation cannot come fast enough. Somehow the house will get miraculously de-disasterified and everything will get packed, despite the fact that both of us anticipate working some 12-hour days this week in preparation for a week off.

So what did we do this weekend instead of cleaning and preparing to leave? Well, we just hit the 4-month mark on the wedding, and panic mode is starting to set in. We hardly left the couch, but we did manage to (hopefully!) finish designing our invitations. And sorted out some other stuff. And designed a photo guestbook. And read the entire internet (that last step is essential for planning a wedding, right?)

So while it wasn't visible progress, and I'm scared for the amount that needs to get done this week, I'm glad for the semi-relaxing semi-productive weekend. And I'm ecstatic about the upcoming vacation. Only 5 more days!

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