Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl XLV

Welcome back!  The three of us have settled in on the couch with full plates of green and yellow foods and alcohol.  Even Kara managed to wear a green sweater in support of the Packers.  Go Pack Go!

Edited to add: For the record, this blog entry was once again written by Carrie but posted by Becky. 

We attempt to open the bottle of Asti.  It is difficult and I fail.

Kara: Do I have to use my brute strength?
Carrie: Are you strong?
Kara: Well, no.
Carrie: Ok.  You try then.

Kara:What is this?  The declaration of independence?
Carrie: I don't know, who is that with Colin Powell?
Kara: You're the political one.

Carrie: What is this, superbowl X L 5?
Becky: Can you please put THAT in the liveblog?

The Steelers look mean.  I keep forgetting there are people rooting for them.

Becky: Go Pack Go.

Becky: Christina Aguilera is signing the National Anthem?  That's disgusting.
Me: She actually looks kind of..normal.
Becky: It's kind of difficult to eat through the inflatable helmet.

Becky: What's Lea Michelle doing?  She's warming up the crowd!
Kar: Is she wearing PANTS?
Becky: Is that offensive to you?
Kara: I mean, well no.

Kara: That guy has a rug on his chin.  I mean, not Ben Roethlisberger.  The other guy.  It wasn't good.

Becky: What, no 9-11 flag stitched by tornado victims??
Carrie: Not a real sporting event people.
Becky: Are they cheering because she got the words right?
Kara: What just occurred?  That guy was NOT that hairy before.  Did he just like shove a rug on there, I don't understand?

Kara: Is this still the pre-game?

Kara: I need to release my pants. .....  Aaah.
Kara: He's in the hall of fame already?  He was a referee in X X X 5!

Carrie: I want them to interview Baji or Raji or whatever his name is. He's my favorite player.
Me: Silent stare
Carrie: What? At least I called him a player this time, not a character!

Carrie: It's very confusing to me that they're ALL wearing yellow pants!

Becky: His name is Zombo.
Kara: That's a good name.  I always pick the guys with the good names that I like.

Becky tells us the story of Donald Driver, after I accused her of not knowing who he was.  Apparently I was wrong.

Carrie: Seriously, look how hairy he is.
Kara: He's so hairy!

Kara: Oh, the game's back on, I can go to the bathroom.

Cupcakes are delicious, but the chocolate part is dry.  Becky and I agree that we probably should have cooked them a little bit shorter.  I have a mimosa.  Becky watches the game.

Kara:  Oh, oops, I buttoned my pants back up again.

Becky and Kara break out in song to The Blackeyed Peas halftime preview.

Becky: I hope the neighbors aren't planning to go to bed early tonight.

Dorritos make dead people come alive again.  Impressive.

INTERCEPTION!  TOUCHDOWN!  Becky didn't start yelling and we all wondered why.. turns out she was getting food.  But she caught it on the replay.
Carrie: There's a flag for excessive celebration??

Becky: I don't know who he is.  But I'm glad he's limping.  Hallefrickinglujah.
Kara: Where's the small animal on Roethelisberger?
Becky: That was someone else.

Carrie: Wait, Do they get points for that?
Becky: Yes, they kicked a field goal.
Then she points at the blog and insists that I record this interaction.

Carrie: Will you leave them [the Packers] if they mess it up?
Becky: Of course not.  I have a life long commitment to them, just like I have to you.
Aw, true love.

Cute VW commercial with a little kid being Darth Vader.  Becky declares that it would make more sense if she had seen the movies.

Oh noez.  Becky's guy is leaving the field.  Poor Mr. Driver!
Kara: Quad injury.  I still don't really know what quads are.

Kara: How long does it, like, take these guys to get in to their pants?
Kara: Well, they're just like, so tight.  They're like Olivia Newton John getting sewn in in Grease?

Carrie: That should be an excessive celebration flag!!  Lame!

I think  when Becky liveblogs there's probably more information about the actual game.  But I think the Packers just intercepted.

Touchdown!  Woot.

Carrie: Another one of your guys is injured, Becky!
And then Woodson is slow to get up
Carrie: Is he important?
Becky: I don't know.  But I've heard of him.
They docs check him out while Kara tells a story about her cat throwing up in her bed.
Becky: He's back on the field, we're okay.

Steelers touchdown.  Saddie.
Becky: In case you were confused, they get points for that too.

Hm, the commentator just commented that the entire Packers defensive line is in the locker room.  Jokes about quickies and orgies ensued.

Half time!  Also, Kara farted.

This Blackeyed Peas thing is like Matrix meets Michael Jackson meets KISS.  Kara says it's the first time in a long time it hasn't been someone old.  So "this is, like, ground breaking or something."  The shoulder pads on the girl are particularly disturbing.  Becky and Kara are now reflecting on the fact that we have somehow become old.

8:14  My sister IMs me:
Jen:  hm... your later blog entries make me ponder how much alcohol has been consumed since I last spoke with you.
I read this to Kara and Becky.  Kara replies, "It's just that I'm feeling comfortable with you, to share all of my thoughts!"
Is Usher really saying Oh My Gosh?  Really?

Sean inquires via Jen via IM how many dozen broccoli puffs we ate.  I sent Becky to check.  The verdict?  26.  Total, not dozen.
There's a commercial for the Glee commercial.  And Kara declares that she might be able to re-button her pants.

I did some internet research and learned that the Pittsburgh Rug is named Brett Keisel.  In case you wanted to know.

Becky, giving her guys a peptalk: Guys, you've managed to accrue 35 yards of penalties in the last 2 minutes.  Don't shoot yourself in the foot.

The Packers got cocky.  Touchdown for Steelers.  And now Kara has to get agitated, despite the fact that she doesn't care.

Becky: Somebody was wearing a Favre jersey!
Carrie: Wait....who?
Becky: Not on the field you dummy.

Becky: I think Kara might be right.  If they were wearing underwear you'd be able to see the lines.
Kara: Well I think they're wearing cups.
Becky: I should hope so!
Kara: Maybe it's like a cup-underwear combo.

The mood is somber.  Becky's guys are not doing very well.

Becky: I'm tired of getting my own drinks. This bar needs a waitress.
Carrie gets Becky a drink
Carrie: Only cuz your team's doing crap.

Carrie: There's more eggs, Kara.
Kara: That's alright. My pants are feelin' okay.

Becky: Run run run.
Kara: Run fast not slow!

Becky: Sorry, I farted.
Kara: About time somebody else did!
Carrie: We're so going to regret this liveblog.

WOOO!!!! Touchdown!

Nnnooooo........... touchdown Pittsburgh.  And a 2-point conversion.  :(

Becky: Hairy man is back.

Carrie talks crap about Green Bay Packers.
Angry Becky: Clap for Tinkberbell.  
Kara: What does that mean?  I never saw Peter Pan.
Becky: What kind of Disney employee are you?

Carrie: Kick him in the teeth!
Kara: It's always fun to say anything "in the teeth."
Becky: Number 37.  Jazz hands??  Are you getting ready for Glee??

Kara: Oh my gosh.  Seconds are so long.  In football anyway.

Did they get it, did they get it?  They got it!  Becky's guys did it!  YAY!!

YELLOW PANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!  That's a good end to the first season of football I ever watched.  Congratulations Wisconsin.  Congratulations Becky.  Congratulations the real Yellow Pants.

And now time for Glee.  But I will not liveblog that.


  1. 1. Is the alcohol yellow and green?
    2. Did you get your Asti open?
    3. Inflatable helmet?

  2. 4. Your blog ate my comment.
    5. How I am supposed to comment if the whole system implodes when you edit?

  3. 6. If Kara can rebutton her pants, it's time for more puffs and cupcakes (wish I had a cupcake!)
    7. They're just trying to make the last quarter more exciting for all of you.
    8. Why won't my son go to sleep?

  4. why no live blog of glee?

  5. Well lets see. I already answered most of these questions in IM. But, for the other readers:
    1. The alcohol is yellow, but not green.
    2. Yes, the Asti was successfully opened by Becky in the end.
    3. Inflatable Green Bay helmet. There will be pictures at some point. It was a gift from Becky's family.
    4. Sorry about that. I accidentally put it in draft mode when I was editing.
    5. Sorry again. You could IM me.
    6. She ate another egg.
    7. It worked! But they won so it's okay.
    8. Glad to hear he finally gave in. Nighnight Matty.
    9. Can't liveblog everything. Have to draw the line somewhere. :)

  6. Congratulations to anyone who actually read this entire post! And well, I hope some of it made sense to those of you who weren't there. But moral of the story? The good guys won! :D

  7. I think the moral of the story is the super bowl is better with alcohol.