Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

There has been conversation around here about re-starting the blog.  I know better than to make promises, but let's see where this goes.
This is us in December at the Rockefeller tree.  We hadn't had much of a chance to do Christmas stuff earlier in December this year, so the day before we left for vacation we met up after work to get some quick holiday cheer.  We saw the tree and the Macy's windows, and coincidentally caught the Mitzvah tank parade.  I think it was about 50 degrees so it didn't really feel like Christmas, but at least we can still say we've never missed a year since we've lived here!  
2007 (with my sister guest starring - pre-nephews she could visit alone!):
AND 2006:


  1. Cute photo montage. More bloggin' please! :)

  2. Umm. Where did I get that crazy name?

  3. So glad to see you back blogging! What a cool thing to do every year!