Thursday, September 24, 2009

Snack Time

My office has an official weekly snacktime. One afternoon each week, we all take a half hour off to sit in the conference room and eat treats while talking about anything non-work-related. And each week, a different person volunteers to bring the snack.

So today we were passing around the sign-up sheet, and one of my co-workers was looking at the available dates in December and said, "Well, I don't want to sign up for the week when Becky might bring in Christmas cookies, cuz who could compete with that?" (It may be relevant background information that last December I made about 10 different kinds of cookies/candies and brought them to our holiday party. This is particularly shocking because New Yorkers don't bake much for themselves as far as I can tell.)

I was like "Whoa, it's not a competition."

And then another co-worker, who obviously knows me far too well, said "Uh huh, she says outloud that it's not a competition, but in her head she's like 'Haha, I totally win.'"

I laughed so hard I cried...which only made the rest of the office laugh even harder. Sometimes work is incredibly stressful, but I'm glad that I work with fun people.

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