Sunday, September 27, 2009


Why is it that weekends are always so short and work weeks are so long? It's really not fair. This weekend was filled with good friends and far too much delicious food.

Last weekend I declared that this would be a good weekend to spend some time sorting through all our stuff and donating/throwing away a bunch of stuff. We have accumulated far more stuff than two people could possibly need. Our recent efforts to keep the apartment cleaner are going well, but I think a good crap purge could go a long way toward making us both happier and more organized.

But instead, we went to Target on Saturday and bought more stuff. Oops. To be fair, it was mostly stuff that we "needed", but it was a bit of a contradiction with my plan to get rid of stuff. Oh well--next weekend.

We spent our Saturday evening with a friend and her 11-month-old daughter, who we hadn't seen in far too long. She's already walking and has much better balance than I've ever seen in a baby her age! But I remember when she was only a few weeks old! Our friend made a full-on Thanksgiving dinner--think turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, the works. Our seven-layer bar contribution didn't really fit the theme, but that didn't stop me from polishing off half the pan all by myself. Oops.

Today another friend came to our place for dinner. She's still in the process of moving to the city, so we were able to entice her with the prospect of beef kebabs. We cooked the kebabs (marinated delicious steak from Trader Joe's, green peppers, onions, and potatoes) under the broiler, and they were DELICIOUS. We also made chocolate chip bars (a la Phoebe's Nestle Toulouse), and I again did my part to inhale half the pan.

Oh yeah, and we went to Outback for dinner on Friday night. So yes, much too much food this weekend. But good times all around. :)


  1. Pictures please. And now I'm repeating Phoebe's "nestle toulouse" in my head. Makes me smile.

  2. Sadly, there are no pictures of our fun-filled trip to Target. :P But I will work on doing something photo-worthy soon!