Monday, October 19, 2009

Catching up

Sorry for the long absence, but here's an update for all you adoring fans out there.

Carrie and I spent last weekend in Vermont. While we were there, the pumpkin hats that I'd been working on furiously for the last few weeks made their debut, modeled by the most adorable infants in all of New England.

What could possibly be cuter than that? :)

We had a grand time revisiting some of our favorite sites: Cold Hollow Cider Mill, King Arthur Flour, the Cabot Annex...and I got my annual Lake Champlain hot chocolate (with REAL whipped cream!) We also went to a couple new places: Wellwood Orchard (site of the above pumpkin picture as well as the most hilarious hayless hayride in history) and the Vermont Country Store, which in good VT tourist tradition, included a plethora of free samples.

The weekend before that, a friend came over for a field trip to the nearby Mitsuwa, followed by a sushi-making extravaganza. She taught us how to make inside out rolls (see my mad rolling skilz below):

We ended up with FAR more sushi than 3 people should ever consume in one sitting, but all of it was delicious!

This weekend was mercifully much less busy. We saw a couple friends on Saturday and then spent yesterday hiding out in the house avoiding the awful weather outside (thank goodness for Netflix, knitting, and the internet).


  1. Yum, eating our way through Vermont! Let's go again!

  2. Wow that was a really complicated process to post with my aim name... might have to back to being anonymous and let you figure it out....

  3. Haha, fortunately for now at least there are few enough people posting as "Anonymous" that I'm still able to figure out who's who. But once I get popular, it could be difficult...:P