Monday, October 5, 2009

Liveblogging Packers vs. Vikings

At 8:30 when the real television coverage starts, I’m out of the room.
Carrie: Hurry hurry, I think it’s starting.
Me: Did they do the coin toss?
Carrie: They’re dancing on the field or something. And showing Favre's wife.

10 minutes later, after GB’s runner has just been brought down:
Carrie: Wait, I thought they had to kick….wait…dammit, did I miss kick-off AGAIN?! (it’s important to note that she was staring at the TV this entire time—it’s not that she was out of the room at the time or something)

A few minutes later:
Carrie: What does 1st and 10 mean?
Becky explains football basics to the “Vikings fan”

Sack/Fumble. Lame.

Much puppy chow consumption. Delicious.

Later explanations of punts, kicks, and the fact that a football field is 100 yards long.

Random friend request from middle school ex-boyfriend provides mildly amusing diversion.

Awesome catch by Finley...
Becky: Catch it catch it! Runrunrunrunrun! Faster faster faster! YES!!!
Carrie: No no no no no!

Rodgers gets sacked at the beginning of the second quarter:
Me: come on, come on! No...ARGH!
Carrie: Woo-hoo!
Becky eats more puppy chow.

TV: blah blah blah field goal range...
Carrie: What's field goal range mean?
(and I'm being unfair? Really? Has she ever watched a football game before?)
Carrie: It's funny the way you know the characters' names.
Me: You do know that they're written on the back of their shirts, right?
Carrie: Hey, I'm doing pretty good here. I'm following the ball and it doesn't even glow. AND I'm learning the rules. That's more than I've ever done in 26 years.

Cue strange commercial with heavily implied girl on girl action for a domain name website. Football is weird.

TV: blah blah blah trying to figure out what went wrong with that drive.
Me: What went wrong with that drive was that they gave the ball to the other team!

Stupid Vikings touchdown.
Carrie: Oh, my guys got a goal and I didn't even notice.
Me: You know in this sport it's not called a goal, right?

Rodgers gets sacked (again)
Carrie: Oooh, I'm sorry.
Me: You know you suck as a sports fan, right? :P

Vikings fumble and the Packers score...while I'm staring at my knitting. Damn, guess I'll have to watch the replay.

Vikings cheap touchdown. Lame. And what the hell is going on with the Packers defense?

Halftime. Blah blah blah, stop talking.

10:20 p.m.
Carrie: I think you're supposed to put times in when you live blog.
Me: Yeah, I know...I forgot.
So here you go, adoring fans. Timestamps.

10:25 p.m.
Managed to miss the start of the second half due to Halloween costume shopping for little people. Oops.

10:30 p.m.
Another Viking touchdown. Lame. Also, Carrie's feet smell.

10:45 p.m.
What the hell? How many times can you miss that one?

10:49 p.m.
WHAT?! How did he not catch that?

11:02 p.m.
This game blows. And I have way not gotten enough knitting done.

11:12 p.m.
TV commentary on the Metrodome about how dome stadiums are good for quarterbacks because the conditions are predictable and how great that is for a 40-year-old. Haha, dude's so old he can't deal with a little weather?

11:33 p.m.
Finally another touchdown! Let's try to not screw up the two points, mkay?

11:36 p.m.
Okay seriously offensive line, it would have been nice if you'd tried to PLAY tonight.

11:42 p.m.
Carrie: When I was little, I used to think that little clock thing was how long it was actually gonna take. And I was very disappointed every time.

11:52 p.m.
Boo. Here's my advice to the Packers: play better next time plz? Kthanxbai.

I'm sad that I won't get to see the game when the Vikings are at Lambeau. Oh wells. :(

In other news, I finished my knitting swatch and can finally order yarn for the next project. Woo-hoo!


  1. I like how your blog cuts out the parts where you sound dumb (me: they did the kicky thing? you: no, carrie, don't be dumb, it's a punt. me: oh, okay. you: oh wait, it's a kick. me: so i was right??) and leaves only the parts where I sound dumb :-D

  2. If you don't like it, you could start your own blog. ;)

  3. You say "right?" a lot.

  4. "Oo, this is almost embarrassing right now for the Green Bay Packers." - tv announcer dude

  5. yeah for halloween shopping! and hahahaha for carrie and becky messaging each other in the comment section...

  6. Oh, and, really LOL at the players being "characters"

  7. Glad you got me interested? You started the smack talk... :-D

  8. Clearly. :)

    The "characters" part was classic.

    Thanks, ladies!

  9. i love how being a packer fan is embedded in your dna if you're from wisconsin. i lost interest for a long time there, but being in the heart of bear country makes me want to stand up and fight for the right team! lol. so sad i missed the game. thanks for the summary there. it would have been too painful to watch rodgers getting sacked that much anyway. i'll def be tuning in for the rematch on nov 1st!!