Monday, August 2, 2010

Key Limey

And here again is Monday. And a Monday to start a new month none-the-less, which means not just that we must pay rent and that we get to flip to another page in our 1000 places to go before you die wall calendar, but also that the summer is almost over! Perhaps a bit over dramatic, but seriously, where did it go?

This weekend we crossed something delicious off of our summer to-do list. However, I have sadly just realized that there is absolutely no photo documentation. Bad bloggers.

On Saturday we made plans to go visit a friend in Queens. We hadn't seen her in a while, which of course is sad, and also we hadn't yet made use of the pool in her apartment complex to cool off from this unbearably hot summer. Naturally the weather decided to provide one of the first comfortably warm days of summer in honor of the occasion. It was still really nice swimming weather and we definitely had fun. Before we left home though, I was looking at our summer to-do list and worrying that we weren't crossing anything off of it. And then a brilliant idea came to me! We could drive to Red Hook and get pie! After a bit of convincing Becky and generally fretting about the state of traffic, off we went on a grand driving adventure through four of the six boroughs of New York (north Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens) in order to acquire Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie and bring it to our friend's apartment for dessert. I used to not like Key Lime pie. In fact, I thought it was a pretty lame excuse for a dessert. And then I tried Steve's. The bakery prides themselves on using the freshest, most unprocessed ingredients possible, including real key limes. They operate out of an industrial warehouse type building in Red Hook, which is located on a dead-end cobblestone street that tried awfully hard to give my car a couple of flat tires. The only things they sell are two sizes of pie, the Swingle (delicious dark chocolate dipped key lime pies on sticks), and limeade. To make the trip completely worth it we decided to enjoy Swingles for lunch and purchase a whole pie for post-dinner dessert. Just as good as I remembered!

The rest of the weekend was mostly focused on boring household stuff and trying to make progress on wedding things. It seems like every wedding task expands to fill whatever time we offer it to fill. After mostly rejecting our previous idea for a solo during the ceremony, we spent at least 3 hours scouring iTunes for the perfect song. And in the end, we concluded that maybe our original ideas weren't so bad after all. At least we did make some solid progress on the invitations, as they need to get sent very soon. I'll leave you with a few photos of us working diligently at the kitchen table (please ignore piles of clean laundry and other junk - that's evidence of the household stuff we were doing simultaneously!)

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