Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Dress Shopping Surprises

I wasn't feeling particularly inspired to write a regular recap post this week, but fortunately Carrie's mom suggested an idea for a post related to wedding dress shopping. For those of you who only had/have one bride in your wedding, be glad that you get to avoid this issue!

Carrie and I decided that we both wanted our dresses to be a surprise. Given that we normally do and choose just about everything together, keeping our opinions on dresses secret was no easy task. There were many evenings of both of us sitting on the couch with our computers angled away from each other so that we could look at dresses online without the other seeing. In addition to that, we both did much (in my case, all) of our dress shopping the weekend that we were in Minnesota in May. With the whirlwind of things happening that weekend, we also had to schedule appointments at some of the same stores in a way that we were sure to not run into each other in the process.

We had considered the possibility that we might fall in love with the same dress but figured it was unlikely since there are thousands of dresses out there and we are different people after all. But just in case, we agreed ahead of time that our moms could compare notes on dresses and at least warn us if we were picking the same one. I don't even want to think about what the negotiations would have looked like if that had happened...

Fortunately, we did not choose the same dress, but we did come rather dangerously close! In retrospect, our moms must have been cracking up when they were comparing pictures after our crazy day of dress shopping.

For your viewing pleasure:
This dress was my back-up plan in case Carrie happened to pick my first choice.

Carrie, sporting the same dress

Another dress I tried on

Carrie's actual dress (so pretty!!!)

This was in Carrie's top 3 (she actually had the consultant convinced enough that she was going to buy it that they let her take pictures despite a no-photo-unless-you're-buying policy.

My actual dress. Yes, the neckline is literally the only difference.

That last one was definitely our closest call. The store that I bought it from (Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul) was my last stop of the day but had been Carrie's first stop. I explained to the consultant that Carrie had been there earlier that day, so after I tried on this dress, tried on a few more, and then went back to this dress and declared it the one, she went and grabbed Carrie's paperwork from that morning. She then came back into the fitting room looking sort of stunned and dragged my mom out into the hallway. She tried to pretend like they were doing a good job of hiding it from me, but I'm not an idiot and knew that Carrie had either been interested in the same dress or something shockingly similar. But the advantage I had over the consultant was that Carrie had already sent me text messages at lunchtime saying that she'd liked a dress there but it wasn't her first choice. There were definitely a couple of tense days while Carrie figured out what her first choice was before I could actually order the dress, but obviously it worked out great in the end. To those of you who know us in real life, I'm sure our similar taste is no surprise, but I'm glad that we didn't both want exactly the same thing!


  1. This was an amazing story! Since Team Rachelle (unofficial bridesmaids) all picked out the same shape and cut of dress without my input or any scheming between them, I'm convinced it's just one of those crazy wedding things. You both look beautiful in all the choices : )

  2. We moms did have to decide whether to laugh or to panic when we compared photos after a day of dress shopping and found the ones of the two of you in exactly the same dress. Fortunately we were both pretty sure it was not the top choice for either of you.

  3. I'm extremely happy to see that someone who got married "around" the same time we did is still recapping- it makes me feel like much less of a slacker! And your dress stories (and similar taste) are hilarious!

    ps. I know, I know, I'm still had two months extra, but still...

  4. @SJ: It's particularly funny that the sample we each tried on is even the same color!

    Tabitha: Ha, we putzed around for months about writing recaps, and given our pace now of one/week, I think it could be quite some time before we're done talking about our wedding!

  5. I'm confused. Why is Wedding Wednesday posted on Monday? Did the date change on the post? I keep thinking there would be something new.....

  6. It didnt--I posted this last Wednesday. Not sure why Blogger changed the date, but it's been doing all sorts of weird stuff lately. :( will see if I can fix that date.