Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Thursday: Surgery week edition

When I started this I wasn't fully intending it to be a weekly thing, but it seems to be turning out that way.  Apparently even in weeks where I do not go to work things are dragging a bit by Thursday, and it's easier to write thoughts out in random lists than in full blown posts.

1. We finally got moving again on honeymoon planning.  We stalled a bit a few weeks ago when the hotel we picked for Athens was booked for our dates.  But we have picked ourselves up again and are now debating the risks vs. rewards of seedy neighborhoods in Athens.  To be within walking distance of attractions, or to not be within walking distance of prostitutes and junkies... 

2. My ideas about good and bad neighborhoods have evolved a lot in the last three years of doing home visits for a living.  I've seen a lot of things that would probably not make my mother too happy (sorry Mom).  But no one on the internet seems to be able to tell me how sketchy Athens compares to my experience of sketchy New York.

3.  I watched a bunch of episodes of the show Parenthood on today.  It's like Modern Family, but less funny and more dramatic.  I like it.  I think I will put Season 1 on our Netflix queue.

4. The pain from surgery has definitely gone down a lot, but my patience for any pain/discomfort has also gone down a lot.  I'm ready to be fully back to normal now please!

5. Getting new passports in our new name is going to cost us $110 each.  How annoying.  Technically this is just the renewal fee, but we renewed in summer 2009 so it's annoying!  I suppose I should just be grateful that they will recognize our name change (because Massachusetts considers the marriage a legal name change the feds apparently have decided there's no way around honoring that) and not require us to jump through any additional hoops.  But I can think of better uses for our $220!  Like, oh, a semi-private Santorini sailboat tour?

6. Jen and the boys are coming to visit for the weekend, so you can expect Auntie blogging on Sunday or Monday!

7. The cats are really unamused that I have been home all week but not really letting them jump on me and generally maul me the way I usually allow them to do.

8. Today was the first day since surgery I was able to stay awake all day.  I know napping during the day sounds luxurious and/or lazy, but earlier this week I was so freaking exhausted that I couldn't possibly stay awake so it was absolutely a necessity!

9. Somehow our commute seems a lot longer when I'm sitting at home and Becky is doing it by feels like forever between when she tells me she's coming home and when she actually gets here.  I sincerely hope that we can someday live and work much closer together than we do now.

10. I'll leave you with pictures of the cinnamon rolls that Becky made for me a few weeks back, but then I forgot to include in the weekend recap:

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