Sunday, April 10, 2011


We spent this weekend mostly hanging out at and near home. We did not even leave the state once. Our activities included grocery shopping, finishing our taxes, movie watching, baking homemade cinnamon rolls, Wii Sports Resort, cleaning, laundry, and scrapbooking. And rumor has it that Becky is going to play her trumpet in a little while! Rest assured, I did my part on cinnamon roll making….when an excess of frosting called for emergency action I was ready, willing, and able.

Although I enjoyed the weekend, I call this a Becky-style weekend. You see, we have somewhat of a fundamental difference of opinion regarding optimal weekends. After long draining weeks, which face it, we’ve had too many of recently, I believe that a weekend filled with some sort of exciting outing or adventure is the best way to recuperate and prepare for what comes next. Becky prefers bumming around the house, spending time together doing routine errands, baking, and taking time for other at-home hobbies.

I think this debate is a little bit like the introvert vs. extrovert question, except that we are both decidedly introverts. Introverts prefer to recharge their batteries by spending time alone or with small groups of closely known people; extroverts prefer to recharge their batteries at big parties. I learned in a psychology class in college that something like 75% of the world is extroverts. I think it might be lower among people who like to socialize on the internet though!

Our difference of opinion has caused many an argument, but I suppose this kind of disagreement is part of marriage. Do you and your spouse/significant other agree on how to recharge after a draining week? What is your point of view on lazing about vs. adventures?


  1. adventure only after the lazing about quota is filled

  2. We recharge differently. I think the biggest difference is that his friends are relaxing for him, but for me, all of the people here are new relationships and it exhausts me.

    If I'm feeling overwhelmed with the mundane, I like to do something exciting. If I'm drained, I like to stay home. But only if I can do just what I want.

  3. I FEEL like the adventure weekend makes sense, but when it comes down to it, I need a lazy weekend if my brain is going to get a proper break. Luckily, I don't feel like my brain needs a break EVERY week and we get in our share of adventures. Still, I'd probably be the Becky in this case!

  4. @Mom - You get to laze while Dad drives you to the adventure in the RV. :)
    @Jolynn - New friends are hard, in my have to put the work in, in order to make them grow into old friendships. I think your breakdown of mundane vs. drained is probably an important key to my opinions vs. Becky's, since we do both like both!
    @YellowBunnies - Balance is good!

  5. 75% extroverts? really? I don't know that many extroverts...

  6. What is this "quiet weekend" you speak of?

  7. Jen - I know, crazy, right? But apparently we just know all the introverts...

    Anonymous - It's something that childless people get to enjoy. You'll get your chance again in retirement.