Monday, April 18, 2011

Fancy Shmancy Trunk o' Books

This evening Becky crawled to the back of our storage room and pulled out an unopened cardboard box. On the side of the box is printed "Harry Potter boxed set 1-7. Do not display before October 16, 2007." Seeing as it is now 2011 I think she's safe from the publishing powers-that-be coming after her! Inside the first cardboard box is a spiffier looking cardboard trunk, which I suspect in turn contains the aforementioned books. I tried to open the trunk and check on the books while Becky took a break to dish up some ice cream. But I got yelled at for my actions. So I guess I will just have to have faith that the trunk truly contains all seven books. For now I'm enjoying the "Deliver to: Hogwarts" label, the yarn handles, and the printed hinge graphics.

Although I already owned several of the books (and now of course cannot find most of them), in 2007 Becky and I were not anywhere near engaged, and therefore she felt a burning desire to own them all herself. She obsessed. She pre-ordered. She obsessed more. And then she stashed. Every time another of the movies has come out we have chatted about a need to re-read the books. Every time we have chatted about pulling the trunk out. And every time we have eventually gone to see the movie without re-reading the books. But this summer the final movie is coming out, and by golly (haha, I can't believe I just wrote that), this time we're going to re-read the books.

I'll keep you updated on whether Becky lets me peek in the trunk. In the mean time, here are some pictures from way back in 2007 when we attended the book release party at Scholastic for book 7:

UPDATE: After exclaiming "My trunk got locked!" she figured out how to open it, confirmed that her books were still shrink-wrapped, and started playing with the enclosed bonus stickers for decorating the trunk. And then she declared that her books are exempt from the joint property conferred by marriage, and that the trunk is locked so I cannot get in. I am feeling the love, how about you?

P.S. For some reason blogger is having a lot of issues with my attempts at spacing lately. I apologize.


  1. If you found your own books, you wouldn't need to read hers. :>) And you'd have some non-joint property, too.

  2. LMAO. That's amazing!

    I love the books, love love. Don't own them though.

  3. Mom - I'm pretty sure only Becky's books are non-joint property, I think my books are still half hers. :) Plus I think some of my books might be in your house...

    Jolynn - Well definitely don't plan on borrowing Becky's. She's not a good sharer.

  4. I resent that misrepresentation. I'll be happy to share the cookies I'm making for this weekend...with everyone but Carrie. :P

  5. I have my ways of getting cookies! But in the interest of fairness I should admit that Becky is in fact a very good sharer. And not just because I want cookies. :)