Monday, April 11, 2011

Ima sucker

I sort of maybe kind of got talked in to actually buying something from a door to door salesman today. I'm a little bit ashamed to admit it, and now I can't decide what to do about it. I signed away my first born to the Verizon Fios men. I thought I was being smart. I asked a million questions, tried the "I can't make a decision without talking to Becky" line, and asked about fifteen times if I could change my mind fee-free. I even almost walked away at one point when we were doing some wacky over the phone government registration of the phone line thing. (Not that I even want a phone line, mind you, but every cable/internet company seems intent on discounting my internet by giving me a phone line I don't want.)

And yet, here I am with a contract in my hand. How did that even happen?

Luckily my contract does explicitly state that I can cancel within three business days and the whole thing will be forgotten. Ignore the fact that the salesman (accidentally?) back dated the contract by a day. So now I'm stuck. I almost want to call and cancel because I'm just plain mad that despite my best efforts I fell for their song and dance about discounts and good deals. But then I remember that if it's real, it could actually save us $30/month or so, which is pretty decent for Austerity April. Given that Frugal February and Moneyless March both failed it'd be nice to have a win for one month!

I wonder if other people feel as much annoyance at falling for gimmicks as I do. Decisions, decisions.


  1. If it really saves you $30/month than you made "smart business decision" rather than "ima sucker"

  2. Well, after we got the voicemail about needing to be home the entire day for installation (because we can just stay home at a moment's notice to wait for the cable guys to show up?) and the fact that we needed the landlord's permission because installation required access to the basement and installing wires...nevermind.