Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exhaustion: Better with Cookies!

Yet again, it's been one of THOSE weeks. You know, the kind that leave you completely, totally exhausted. And then you're too exhausted to even make yourself go to bed, so the next day you're even more exhausted and you're completely ineffective at work and you come home and all you can do is stare at the computer but then you still don't go to bed and it's a big swirling vortext of tired.

Or maybe that only happens to me? Maybe the rest of you are smart enough to just put down the computer and go to bed already? I hope so because I think it's probably a much happier way to live your life. I keep meaning to try it.

Fortunately, the weekend is coming soon. Oh, sweet weekend. I am trying to ignore the pile of dishes that we didn't wash tonight after dinner and therefore will still be around tomorrow when that weekend begins.

But because I love you, dear readers, instead of pictures of my exhausted life, I will leave you with lovely pictures of a recent baking escapade. I made snickerdoodles a couple weeks ago. Who'd have thought that a cookie scoop and the perfectly even cookies it produces could bring me such joy?

Just to clarify, I am not so neurotic that I lined up the cookie balls intentionally like that. I didn't even realize they were all in a nice line until I looked at the pictures tonight.


  1. Erm. I'm neurotic. And my neuroses are making me realize that I *need* a cookie scoop.

  2. Dooo it. I have two in different sizes, and I love them very much.

  3. I think I'm going to use a cookie scoop for all foods now, just to satisfy my need for order.

  4. Hm, cookie scoop might be difficult for some foods. Don't think it will add much order to chicken noodle soup, for example.