Saturday, January 8, 2011

Deliciousness in the Target aisles

Here we are in the midst of an exciting weekend in the tri-state area. It would be a lot easier if we actually lived in New York City, by the way, and could do things only in New York and be New Yorkers. But that's not the case. So anyways, what would a weekend in New Jersey be without a trip to Target? It's a magical land, where spending $100 is not optional, regardless of whether or not you cross start to get there. So, we're tooling along in the grocery section, trying to focus on buying the foods on the list, when what to our wondering eyes should appear...

Peppermint Oreos! And yes, I shamelessly stole that image from some other website. And no, I'm not going to credit them because I already forgot what website it was. Sorry, I accept the bad internet karma.

I had high hopes for the cookies. The fact that I chose them to be my one off-list splurge purchase should be evidence enough of that! (Becky chose chocolate goldfish with mini marshmallows, in case you're wondering. But I'm a nice wife, so I let her have some Oreos too.) But seriously? These cookies are delicious. The pink frostingy goodness in the center is just the right mix of minty fresh and cremey delicious, and the peppermintyness perfectly complements the traditional chocolate cookie covers.

Becky did some experiments and determined that her optimal frosting:cookie ratio is 3 chocolate wafers:1 frosting patty. As usual, I strongly disagree, and would instead argue that 1 wafer:1 frosting patty would be ideal. But don't trust our opinions; try it for yourself!

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