Saturday, January 15, 2011

Packers/Falcons Liveblog

I'm writing from snowy Massachusetts, where we are watching the Green Bay Packers/Atlanta Falcons playoff game. The cast of characters: Carrie, me, Jen, Sean, and Matthew (asleep, hopefully to stay that way). Thomas is sleeping in his crib (also hopefully to stay that way).

In case there is any confusion, we are rooting for the Packers, a.k.a Yellowpants.

Everyone: Who's the Zac Brown Band?
Carrie: Holy crap, that's a big flag.

Carrie: Wait, maybe we're not all rooting for Green Bay.
Me: Yes we are. My blog.
Carrie: Jen, who are you rooting for?
Jen: Becky's team. She's scary.
Carrie: Sean, who are you rooting for?
Sean: Green Bay vs. the Falcons? I don't really give a crap.
Carrie: See, I guess we're not all rooting for the Packers.

Jen: I miss the light.
Sean: You could have watched the boys when they were in here pushing it over.
Jen: I had an urgent situation.

Sean taught Carrie how to stir...a valuable skill to acquire at age 28.
Jen: Do you think cheese fondue and champagne is a good food for a football game?
Me: I come from Wisconsin.

Carrie: Okay, I am not missing the kick-off this time. Is this it? Yay, I saw the beginning! That's the beginning, right?

Carrie: I am actually capable of following this game now if I'm paying attention.

Packers fumble
Carrie: They took the ball! Is that legal?
Everyone: Yes.
Jen: You would have them play a very calm game.
Carrie: It's MEAN!

Falcons touchdown. Sad face.
Cheese fondue all gone. For the record, it was Pesto Fondue with hot Italian sausage and bread. Delicious. 
Here comes the chicken wings! (Jen: Can we eat wings with fondue forks?)

Jen (to Carrie): It's a little weird that you know about football.

Yes, and it also makes for less entertaining live blogging. Sigh. Oh well, I have wine. Perhaps that will liven up the liveblogging!

Sean explains random facts about football.
Carrie: I didn't even know you LIKED football! Is it like in your genes cuz of that Y chromosome?

Touchdown Green Bay! W00t!

And the Falcons ran it all the way back for a touchdown. Lame.
Carrie: Can they even do that?

Carrie: They're playing really rough.
Jen: It's the play-offs.
Carrie: But it's MEAN!

Touchdown Green Bay again! Huzzah!
Sean: Yellowpants just needs some defense
Carrie: Well, they need someone on their team other than Aaron Rodgers. Apparently they forgot.

Interception. Woo-hoo!

Carrie: That made up for his (Jones) mistake earlier. SEE?! I also have increased memory!

Jen: Wait, you drank more Pinot? How are we gonna drink that whole big bottle of bubbly if you keep drinking Pinot?

Interception/Touchdown!!! Carrie and me yelling...fortunately this did not wake Matthew.

Sean explains something about eligible receivers and various positions...
Carrie: Sean uses a lot of words I don't know when he talks about football.

A giant slice of chocolate cake with Bailey's frosting appeared in front of me, along with a glass of bubbly. Magic! Also, the Packers are rockin' the house.

Rodgers runs it in for another TOUCHDOWN!!!

Me: Do you think if I went to the gym more often, I'd look like them? I mean, the cheerleaders, not the players.
Jen: I think you'd have to go a lot more often. And not eat so much cake.

Insightful lesson on challenges courtesy of ehow.
Jen: Is there anything we do that doesn't involve Google?
Sean: Yes, sometimes you can use Yahoo.
Me: Ew.

Another touchdown! Awesome!

Carrie: If your team messes this up, I'm gonna be so disappointed in you.
Me: In ME, personally?
Carrie: In your ENTIRE STATE.

Oopsy, just realized I forgot to mention a Falcons touchdown. Jen and I weren't paying attention then anyway.

So there was a fieldgoal, and the Packers picked up a fumble. But there was also a champagne flute that broke here, so several of us were consumed with that clean-up effort.

Field goal. Also, my cousin's wife, who's from the Twin Cities and part of a family of die-hard Vikings fans, just declared herself a Packers fan. Huzzah!

Victory for the Packers! NFC Championship game next weekend!

And now, I think it's time to put my sicky wife to bed. She has been complaining off and on all night that her head feels like it's full of syrup. Between her cold and the cold that Matthew and Thomas both have, I think it's only a matter of time until I get sick...


  1. Haha, I love your liveblogging.

  2. Some of this just seems like "you had to be there." Oh wait, I WAS there...

  3. Yay, now Carrie isn't disappointed in our entire state! Hope your syrup head is better!

  4. @Jennie: Yes, I fear that the goofiness may have lost something in translation, but hopefully the link to the tasty fondue recipe will make up for the less-than-stellar quality of the rest of the post?

    @Jen: Phew! I think you might have been at the epicenter of disappointment otherwise. o_O

  5. I didn't say the post wasn't stellar... it was fun! And funnier that we all had to read along too.