Friday, June 25, 2010

Crazy Deliciousness

The Target near us is getting a new grocery section. Hallelujah! It doesn't officially open for another month (word on the street is they're going to have fresh produce and meat then), but they've already expanded their dry goods selection. Between the new Target grocery section and the Trader Joe's a few blocks away from them, I think we may be able to avoid the regular grocery store altogether. And this is a very good thing, for the more stores I enter, the more money I spend.

While I was wandering the aisles at Target today, I came across a new product by Nature Valley called "Granola Thins". They're a flat, square granola bar with a layer of chocolate on the bottom. I decided they were worth a try and threw them in the cart.

And then I got home, and I tried one. And you know what? They taste an awful lot like Chocolate HobNobs. Which is to say they are HolyCrapOMGCrazyDelicious (in my opinion, anyway). Unfortunately, they are individually wrapped, which means a huge waste of packaging is involved. But I suppose the portion control is a good thing since it kept me from devouring the entire box. Long story short: you should try them. And if you don't like them, feel free to send me the rest of the box. :D


  1. Oh, I forgot to mention--the ones that I tried were dark chocolate flavor, but I learned from their website that there's also a peanut butter flavor. The hunt is on!

  2. "wandering the aisles at Target" is one of my favorite phrases...and passtimes.