Thursday, June 10, 2010

The U-Pick Strawberry Experience

Last Saturday Becky and I did something we have been talking about doing for several years, but have never actually gotten around to doing together... strawberry picking! We almost missed it again this year because Becky had just returned from a work trip and we were tired, but I happened to go ahead and call the farm anyways and learned it was the last weekend of the season. So off we went into rural suburban New Jersey. This was our second experience sort of expecting to head off into nowhere for farmy goodness and ending up in a housing development. But there were strawberries!

Interesting difference in nomenclature: in NJ apparently this picking yourself phenomenon is known as PYO:

And here is photo-proof that we each picked some:

Since we drove almost an hour each way to get there, we both figured we needed to stay long enough to make it worthwhile.... so we picked $20 worth of strawberries. Therefore we needed to brainstorm (and furiously google) all kinds of delicious things to do with fresh strawberries. We made strawberry shortcake, french toast (with homemade bread) with strawberries, and Becky ate them as salad dressing. We also have a freezerful of frozen berries, tops on and topless. It amounted to a very delicious weekend! Enjoy some pictures:

Please excuse my issues learning to format!

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