Sunday, June 13, 2010

Liveblogging the Tony Awards

Well, not knowing much about football didn't stop me from blogging the Packers/Vikings in that vein, having not seen much Broadway theatre this year, I bring you the Tony Awards view from our couch.

8:01 - Sean Hayes plays the piano? Who knew?

8:08 - Something tells me Michael Douglas is not a Green Day fan. Matthew Morrison seems to be enjoying it quite a bit though.

8:10 - Dammit--who's that guy sitting next to Matthew Morrison?

8:17 - Is Daniel Radcliffe a midget? Or is Katie Holmes 7 feet tall? Wait, isn't she the one who married whats-his-name? Yeah, Tom Cruise. Isn't he really short too?

8:19 - How many bumpits were involved in Scarlett Johansson's hairstyle?

8:22 - Ricky Martin is looking really weird. I think he got a lot of botox after he was up all night with his kid. --Carrie

8:26 - Well, I had no interest in seeing Million Dollar Quartet before tonight. And this performance is not making me any more interested in seeing it. Lame.

8:30 - Ridiculous commercial alert: Are you fed up with always having to put your bladder's needs over your daughter? Then leave while she's trying on her wedding dress and see your doctor RIGHT NOW.

8:38 - Me: Oh, it's like a musical version of The Birdcage.
Carrie: Uh, yeah, The Birdcage was based on La Cage aux Folles.
Me: Oh. I'm a bad queer.

Also, gap in here of not paying much attention due to making dinner.

8:47 - Public speaking...not Michael Grandage's forte. There's a reason he's not usually on the stage. I don't think I've ever seen anyone look so uncomfortable in front of a microphone and fight so hard to not look up.

8:51 - Seriously can't believe I didn't see In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play).

Dinner: chicken/broccoli/ricotta pizza...crazy delicious. Yum.

9:04 - Katie Fitteran....holy boobies! Also, wow, so fake.

9:18 - I think Kristin Chenoweth's dress is an origami project. And it seems there was a paper shortage before the dress was finished?

9:23 - Safe to say that Catherine Zeta-Jones's performance of "Send in the Clowns" was the highlight so far.

9:26 - Apparently people who watch the Tonys have bladder problems. And are depressed. That's what we've learned from the commercials.

9:30 - Having tried on a couple beaded dresses recently, I can only imagine how much Idina's dress might weigh.

9:39 - Wait, saluting the Times Square NYPD? The cops who stand in front of McDonalds on 42nd Street and attract crowds of tourists who want pictures with them? Yeah, mad props to the mounted police officer whose adoring fans are ALWAYS blocking my commute home. It's a horse, people. What, you've never seen one of those in Nebraska?

10:12 - Wait, Dixie Carter died?

Hm, the Tonys are more interesting when I've seen more of the shows. And when the shows look more interesting. But instead I've been busy half-watching while browsing the internet. Oh well.

10:30 - It's impressive how make-up can make Lea Michele look almost 10 years older here than she does in Glee. Also, now that Glee has been signed for two more seasons already, I wonder if it's a little weird for the Glee stars to face the prospect of 3 years of filming, making it pretty difficult to do any new Broadway shows.

10:41 - Amused by the silent bleeping in the telecast of "American Idiot". Also, they should have picked a song that featured whatshername. ;)

10:51 - Just kidding, Catherine Zeta-Jones's reaction to winning a Tony was the best part so far...even better than her singing....not to mention "And that man there. He's a movie star and I get to sleep with him EVERY NIGHT!"

Tonys all done. Now is the time for smart bloggers to go to bed because summer hours (read: work early and late 4 days/week in order to get Fridays off) start tomorrow. But alas, I am generally not a smart blogger.


  1. You guys silly.... :)

  2. Haha, that's hard to argue with. :)

  3. Thank you for filling me in! I was in the bathroom with an uncontrollable bladder for most of the I'm depressed.

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